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About Us

We Work Hard To Provide Your Kids The Best Quality Toys and Experience


Rocking Potato is our Covid baby. We started Rocking Potato in 2020 in the times of Covid. It started in a 1BHK apartment with just 2 people. Now we have a team of around 15 people.

Rocking Potato is an ecofriendly and sustainable toy brand which first started with classical toys like beautiful Rocking horses, Unicorns, Horse sticks. We noticed that the classical toys currently present in the market were more on the classical part which did not go with the modern style homes. One the other hand the imported toys are very expensive. So to feel in the gaps in the market we started with our brand Rocking Potato which is a home to the Indowestern, ecofriendly, sustainable toys, Proudly Made in India.

We have wooden and crochet toys specially for the age group of 0 to 24 months. The classical yet the westernized look of our toys is our USP. Our toys are made by our local artisans and we proudly follow the Swadeshi approach.


Brand Story

Knowing all the disadvantages of the plastic toys, and locked in our home due to lockdown, me and my husband were window shopping for ecofriendly, wooden toys for our then 4 year old daughter. After lot of search we would come across some good options but all were imported toys. We had a long discussion that night. We thought we have so many local artisans in India, why are we still dependent on other countries for toys. After some research we came across a city in Karnataka which is famous for handmade wooden toys. We noticed that these were mostly traditional toys and not many options were available. So for parents who are searching for toys which will go with their beautiful home décor, imported expensive toys was the more favorable option. This gave us an idea of why not make our own Made in India toy brand which will fulfill this need of the parents who are searching for eco-friendly, sustainable, open ended toys for their little munchkin.

We found a huge gap in the toy market for wooden toys and started with Rocking Potato with just 4 SKUs and now we have more than 65 SKUs and many more are in Pipeline.


Our unique range of toys for toddlers and infants focuses on everlasting designs and gives good Open-ended toys at an affordable price.


Rocking Potato is an Eco-friendly toy brand with a goal to provide organic toys which are classic yet has a western look and will be loved by every parent and their child.

What we stand for

Customer Centricity

Rocking Potato is a Customer Centric company for whom customer comes before anyone else

On Time Delivery

You can trust us when it comes to delivering a product on time as we manufacture our toys and hence there is almost no delay.

Cost Conscious

As compared to our competitors, we are very good at providing great stuff at a very competitive price point.

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