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Sensory Toys

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    Colorful crochet Bee rattle plush toy for babies 0-12 months old


    See your baby smile each time she hears the sound of this bee rattle. Rattles are baby’s first toy. This bee rattle makes a soothing sound when shaken. It’s perfect for small hands. The colors used are very soothing for the baby’s eyes. It’s made of high quality cotton yarn and is hand crocheted. It comes in great gift box.

    Note: The color and size may slightly vary as it is handmade.

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    Colorful crochet unicorn plush toy for babies 0-3 years old


    Handmade colorful Unicorn will be hard to resist. Its going to be your kids favourite companion wherever she goes. It is made of high quality cotton yarn and comes in a beautiful gift box. It will just make your child nursery complete. Great pretend play toy.

    Note: The color and size may slightly vary as it is handmade.

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    Colorful crocheted balls toy for developmentof Grasping reflex in babies 0-12months old


    At age of 2.5 to 3months baby starts to hold and grasp objects. It’s a very important milestone that we as a parent often miss out. One can present the baby with this toy at age of 2 to 3 months so as to improve her grasping skills. The baby learns to grab and hold objects thus improving the muscles of the hands. Babies that use hands to explore the things around them develop a greater understanding of their surroundings thus helping in the brain development. Once able to grasp and hold objects baby tries to transfer the toy from one hand to another. Eight different colored crocheted balls provide baby with tactile and visual sensory development of the baby. Along with the crochet balls also are two beechwood beads.

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    Crochet Rainbow Geometric Shapes- Shape sorting toys for babies 1 to 2 years


    Learning for kids becomes more fun when it involves their visual and sensory skills. This toy consists of 7 different geometric shapes. Seven different colors are used which helps the child learn colors. Also are present different facial expressions on the shapes. This helps them to learn different facial expressions and the emotions they stand for. The child learns to distinguish different shapes. It’s a great Montessori toy. It is made of high quality cotton yarn crochet. It comes in a great gift box.

    Note: The color and size may slightly vary as it is handmade

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    Developmental Activity Hoop with removable toys- Activity toy for tummy time in babies 0-12 months old


    It’s an all in one newborn toy which will entertain the baby for hours by providing plenty of age appropriate activities. It is a wooden hoop which has multiple sensory items hung on it. The delightful textures and sounds help to promote the development of baby senses, motor skills and cognitive development. The wooden hoop comes in 4 dissembled parts which can be easily assembled together. One can easily attach the toys on the hoop during the assembly and lay the baby inside this assembled Developmental activity hoop. The high contrast black white color of the hoop attracts the baby’s attention as these are first colors that the baby can see. The colors used are completely baby safe.

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    Multicolor Crochet Sensory Rattle balls – Rattle toys for babies 0-12 months old

    • Montessori crochet sensory balls are inspired by Waldorf toys. It’s a great sensory toy. It’s made of cotton crochet. It makes a soothing noise when shaken. It is perfect for small hands. Five colourful crochet balls come in a beautiful packing box and are a great gifting option for babies and new mothers.Note that the colours of the crochet balls may vary.
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    Sensory wooden teething ring with colourful ribbons for babies 3 months- 24 months old


    This wooden teething ring with colorful ribbons is a great baby sensory toy. This toy is inspired by Waldorf toys. It can be used when baby is 3 months old as the baby starts to explore things. It helps in early color recognition in baby. This can be used as a hand kite by the toddlers. As quoted by Maria Montessori “Movement with purpose helps in early brain development in baby”. The teething ring is made of beechwood and the baby can enjoy biting on it. The size is perfect to fit baby’s small hands.

    Please note that this toy should be used under adult supervision.

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