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  • Crochet Rainbow Geometric Shapes- Shape sorting toys for babies 1 to 2 years


    Learning for kids becomes more fun when it involves their visual and sensory skills. This toy consists of 7 different geometric shapes. Seven different colors are used which helps the child learn colors. Also are present different facial expressions on the shapes. This helps them to learn different facial expressions and the emotions they stand for. The child learns to distinguish different shapes. It’s a great Montessori toy. It is made of high quality cotton yarn crochet. It comes in a great gift box.

    Note: The color and size may slightly vary as it is handmade

  • My Family – Set of six wooden toys


    Rocking Potato My Family- Set of six role play toys; 1 years+, helps baby to develop fine motor skills, enhance creativity, helps develop speech, role play toy

  • Wooden Stacking set of 7 wooden blocks for babies 0-12 months old


    Stacking set is the first educational toy that any baby gets. It’s present in almost every family. It’s an open ended toy. It helps baby to learn shapes and sizes. Baby eventually learns how larger pieces go at the bottom and smaller ones go on the top that gives stability. This helps baby develop problem solving skills.

  • Wooden horse stick (Unicorn)- indoor and outdoor roleplay toy for kids 3-6 years


                First time in India!

    • Make a Happy Little Hobbyhorse to go out and play with! This lovely lifelike stick horse is perfect for all-aged children – just the right size for running, show jumping, and even equestrian riding. All adventures you can imagine!
    • The horse stick will be any kid’s favorite toy as they grow older. Hand-crafted horse head, sturdy wooden stick, nurture the baby’s practical ability, developing their balance, a good helper for parent-child interaction.
    • Wooden Stick Horse is sure to inspire young imaginations and encourage active play. The Rocking Potato™–   Wooden Stick Horse makes a great gift for ages 2+ and up.
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