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12-24 Months

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    Wooden Teether and rattle toy for babies 0-24 months- Fish


    This beautiful hand crocheted wooden rattle teether is hard to say no to. The beautiful fresh colors and the soothing rattling sound attracts the baby’s attention. It’s an open-ended toy. The smooth beechwood naturally soothes the baby’s sore gums. The hard surface of the wood takes off the discomfort caused during the first erupting tooth.

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    Wooden teethers Apple and Car (set of 2)- age 0-24 months old


    When the baby’s teeth are erupting, the hardness of the wood shifts the pressure off from their aching and sore gums. Other than that, Wood is naturally anti-bacterial! Bacteria generally do not live long and thrive on wood, which gives it an added advantage over Plastic Teethers – where bacteria tend to thrive. Our natural wooden teethers are made of non-toxic, non-splintering and are simply safe for your little one.

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    Wooden teething ring with crinkling bunny ears for babies 0-12 months old


    Teething in babies starts at the age of 6 months. As the first little tooth starts to erupt the baby’s gums, the baby can be cranky due to swollen gums. Also, she tries to chew on any surface that she can get. The teething discomfort of the baby can be solved with the help of this bunny teething ring. The wooden ring is made of beechwood and is completely baby safe. It provides a hard surface for the baby to bite on taking off the discomfort. As the baby grasps this toy, the bunny ears make a crinkling sound. Good sensory toy and a teething aid. It is a great newborn gift.

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    Wooden horse stick (Unicorn)- indoor and outdoor roleplay toy for kids 3-6 years


                First time in India!

    • Make a Happy Little Hobbyhorse to go out and play with! This lovely lifelike stick horse is perfect for all-aged children – just the right size for running, show jumping, and even equestrian riding. All adventures you can imagine!
    • The horse stick will be any kid’s favorite toy as they grow older. Hand-crafted horse head, sturdy wooden stick, nurture the baby’s practical ability, developing their balance, a good helper for parent-child interaction.
    • Wooden Stick Horse is sure to inspire young imaginations and encourage active play. The Rocking Potato™–   Wooden Stick Horse makes a great gift for ages 2+ and up.
  • Bowling set


    The game of bowling is a traditional sport that can improve children’s hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination, balance, and cultivate their interests in sports. The Rocking Potato™– wooden bowling set is an interesting multi-purpose toy that can challenge children’s thinking and helps children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity, curiosity, and discovery abilities and develops problem-solving skills.

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